Friday, August 13, 2010

All you need is love!! ... or is it?

Soooo... I am officially the WORST blogger on the planet. It's only been six or so months right? WELL..... To catch up we now live in Knoxville, TN we broke free of the nest! ( By an hour and a half) and our officially on our own. I am now a stay at home mom which i love, and appreciate every day i have to spend with her. Paul Is about to start school at The University of Tennessee, enrolling in the Air Force classes and what not. He also was very blessed to find a job within the very first week we moved out here. Besides the fact we are pretty sure Taylor may have flushed my wedding ring down the toilet, my glasses snapped in half, and Paul's jeep broke down all is well :) we are all healthy and happy. And as Paul says.. "at least we have love" lol He is right though. Though one car has been tough leaving me feeling stranded in the house 8 hours a day we find many ways to keep ourselves occupied without going outside into the 100 degree muggy weather. Macaroni necklaces toilet paper binoculars and lots of dance parties!! Well that's about it for now i will make a sincere effort to blog more... Promise :)

About Me

Were a happy little family. Paul and I got married May 3, 2008 in the Nashville temple, and added a bubbly new addition to our family Feb. 18th 2009 Taylor Rae. We currently live in Johnson City, TN and can honestly say we love the scenery....Paul works and attends school at ETSU and I work and stay home! Just living the good life!